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Flexi Bath – The only hard plastic children’s bathtub which folds up flat with a simple touch of your hand. After a leisurely bath, just fold it together and stow it away. Wonderful cool modern award winning Danish Design. The Flexi Bath™ is made from Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE). The PP is the hard material which makes up the sides and the bottom of the bathtub and thus keeps it stable, as with any other children’s bathtub. The TPE is used in the corners and in the bottom as thin “lines” enabling the bathtub to fold flat. The drain plug is also made from TPE. These two types of material are widely used in household products and do not pose any health risk either to the bathing children or their parents. Flexibath is the same size of an average baby/children’s bathtubs. Flexi Bath™ does not contain any harmful materials, production is sustainable and has the least possible influence on our environment and Flexi Bath can withstand the duress of everyday use. The bathtub adheres to the EU directive/standard for toys EN-71
The packaging is recycled paper. The durability of the bathtub has been tested by the “Danish Technological Institute”.
Design: a Real Cool World
Size: L 66,5cm x W 38,9cm x H 23,8cm
Amount of water: 39 liters when full
Weight: approx 1300 grams

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